moar speaking opportunities…

I’m going to be speaking to Humber PR students in early November about social media analytics and I’m very excited! This will be my first time speaking to kids in a post-grad program who I know are really passionate and eager to get working.

I’m hoping to share my love for data and explain how they can be successful in PR if they share this love as well. Going based on gut is a thing of the past.

Next up I’ll be speaking at George Brown to a continuing ed social media class. This will be a more general discussion around social media analytics, introducing the basics to an older group of students.


(I promise I won’t wear a sweater vest or those glasses….)

Finally, I’m in talks with the York Region District School Board about speaking to a small team that is responsible for reporting on large data sets (specifically regional test results). This opportunity I’m particularly excited about as this will primarily be focused on storytelling with data and information design.

As a knowledge manager at Edelman, I’m all about sharing insights, best practices, and seeing that ah hah moment when it makes sense to people. I always wanted to be a teacher and this has been my round-about way of doing so.

Looking forward to November like nobodies business.


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