my teaching debut…


I recently taught my first external workshop focused on storytelling with data via HackerYou, and it was an amazing experience. I have always had a knack for teaching which started with various TA volunteer positions and more recently, various lunch and learns and workshops I’ve organized and presented at work.

The response from attendees were positive and I even met two professors who teach information visualization. Although it made me a tad nervous to have them in attendance it was humbling to have them there and chat afterword about our love and passion for infoviz.

Sadly, HackerYou is no longer offering workshops which is disappointing because I had a good turn out. But now that I have the teaching bug I’m on the pursuit to find other opportunities. SkillShare is a potential option but currently I’m considering organizing an Infoviz Meetup group in Toronto. The Meetups that exist in this space are technical in nature and are targeted at developers. I’m interested in developing an informal Meetup for anyone who works with data and wants to discuss best practices when it comes to presenting information.

Hit met up if you’re interested in joining a Meetup or organizing a workshop!


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