everytime you make a powerpoint presentation….


I stumbled upon this graphic and well… it’s hilarious and true. Many PowerPoint presentations are dull, long, text heavy, and include those pre-set graphs with those pre-set colors (oh you know the ones) that make me die inside (just a little).

Edward Tufte is a brilliant man and I encourage anyone interested in data visualization to pick up any of his books or follow him online or take his workshops.

However, I don’t think PowerPoint is to blame here. Poor little guy. What did he do to anyone?

I have to use PowerPoint daily and although limited from a design perspective, the program is nothing more then a blank canvas. It comes down to the artist….not the tool.

I’m not going to go on and on about how to make better presentations. Google it for yourself, there are a lot of resources out there. But I will encourage you to always put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Think about when you’ve zoned out during a presentation. Was it too long? Did the presenter read each slide verbatim? In my opinion, a PowerPoint presentation should be leveraged to support your arguments whether with visuals or charts (no pies please).

So please…when you go to make a presentation please think of the kitties! Mr. Tufte isn’t someone you want to mess with.


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