new domain……

A friend and coworker recently came up with a nickname for me, databriz. This evolved from another nickname, Brizzly ( because somewhere a long the line I discovered that my spirit animal was a Grizzly Bear).

Databriz has quickly gained traction around the office with some individuals exclusively referring to me by this name and this name alone. Have they forgotten my real name? Is this a bad thing? What does a databriz look like? Maybe this?


Image: Fashion Zoo Animals

But the real question is whether I should lock down the domain

If so what would this domain feature?

Serious question seeking serious answers. Sort of.


One thought on “new domain……

  1. Lock it up!

    maybe the first skate board worker – ask about working in the basement of the owner of SKATEBOARD CANADA, oh about 100 years ago in the PEG!

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