where i’ve been, and where i’m going…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I blame a busy schedule and Twitter.  Back in September I read a  Tech Crunch article that discussed how Twitter has taken over blogging for some people. I agree with this statement. I’ve noticed, over time, that my tweets have become increasingly mundane (like what I’m eating or TTC fails) and I never post anything here.  And gosh-darn-it, there’s more to me then my digestive system and impatience with public transit.

Blogging has always had a special place for me in my internet heart…..and I’ve been cheating on blogging with tweeting.

I won’t quit Twitter like Paul Carr of Tech Crunch has, but I will try to avoid boring everyone to death and start blogging again. With that said, I am blogging…but not here. You can find my more professional side at Edelman.ca, where I talk about corporate culture and other work related stuff.

SO….my goal for 2011? Avoid tweeting stuff people don’t give a $#*% about and blog MOARRRRRR!


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