where to eat for my bday…

I love Toronto mainly for their restaurants. Without them I would leave.

The Swan ?

In the last two months my credit card statement saw many Swan transactions. Thus, proving my new love affair. But for a special event like my birth, should I try something new?

Pizzeria Libretto ?

This is where I went for my birthday last year. But because it’s reliably amazing I may go again. Gourmet pizza, great vibe, great wine and close to places to chill after. I’m getting hungry!

Odd Fellows ?

I have also been here, but not for their dinner menu. What may stop me from going there is that it’s pretty crowded on busy nights and I’m planning to go on a Thursday. Sun-Wed is ideal.

Amuse Bouche ?

French food is my weakness, and this is one spot I haven’t checked out yet. The best part, it’s down the street from my apartment. The price factor may be the only issue. The menu on the other hand has me weak in the knees.

Deluxe ?

Been to Deluxe many times. But it’s always incredible and affordable.

Can someone make the decision for me? I know they would all be incredible and my taste buds will be over joyed.


2 thoughts on “where to eat for my bday…

    1. Hmmm, I did not know that but def. good to know. I’m going out for dinner on Thursday night though so still up in the air!

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