teachers who inspire…

You definitely cannot underestimate the power of your social network, especially when that network includes past teachers and professors. Last year I took an amazing Marketing course at the University of Toronto taught by Judy Brunsek who is engaging, inspiring, and an all around mentor. Judy is an expert in Marketing and it’s no surprise to me that she’s a consultant. I decided to keep in touch with her on Linked In and was pleased when she reached out to me when I tweeted this: “Hey Foodies! What’s your all time favorite recipe….I want to blog about it.”

Her response was unique and coming from one foodie to another, it was yet again inspiring.

This is what she sent me!

Hey, I do so much cooking, I don’t have a fave. I like all food – just about – and am in a phase where I am cooking without recipes, just from knowledge and what I have on hand.

However, let me describe the dinner I am making for tonight. In the oven, right now, is red cabbage braising in a mix of red wine & maple syrup. The cabbage was added after sauteeing some onions and back bacon in canola oil with a dash of caraway seed added. Just before putting it all in the oven, I cut up a tart, green apple, and included it along with some salt & pepper. It will stay in the oven, with a couple of good stirs for at least an hour, perhaps just a bit more. It will be yummy because at the end, I splash some red wine vinegar on it and stir it up to make a wonderful, comforting combination of sweet and sour with a bit of crunch. I have just put in a small, rolled, boneless leg of lamb in there too. I had marinated it in olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, dried rosemary from my little garden, some paprika, salt & pepper. After about 15 minutes, I will add some mushrooms and onions to the roasting pan to cook in the juices of the meat. To accompany that, I will be making an orzo and spinach side dish that will have the consistency of risotto – creamy with just a touch of crunch from the orzo. I will steam some tiny carrots, top off with a bit of butter and voila, we will have a great dinner, about 35-40 minutes from now.

Sound good? Blog away…


I don’t know about you, but after reading that I became overwhelmed with hunger and a touch of jealousy that Judy and her family would be enjoying said meal. To be able to make incredible food from memory, without following a recipe, is truly a feat.

In short, the moral of the story is look at your social network not just in professional terms but in human terms. You never know what your Marketing teacher can offer you outside of the classroom, unless you ask.


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