the loss of a teardrop diamond…

My Dad always saves me The New York Times Arts & Leisure‘ section. I usually flip through the pages nonchalantly looking for something to jump out. Last night I picked up a 2 month old section (or so I think) and fell upon a film review. It was for Jodie Markell’s first feature film ‘The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond‘ adapted from Tennessee Williams‘ 1957 screenplay. Apparently this screenplay had been lost for 50 years and Jodie decided to resurrect it.

Being a huge fan of Williams, after reading several of his works in University, I decided to watch the film. The article in the Times piqued my interest to say the least. Although not a very long film, and one that really only takes place at a debutante party, I thought it was incredible and complex. Very Tennessee.

For Markell’s first feature film I’d have to say it was a huge success. The imagery is beautiful, the costumes are perfectly designed, and the actors capture what it was like to be young during the 1920s in the deep south. Apparently Lindsay Lohan was to be cast as the main character, but luckily Bryce Dallas Howard scored the gig. I think Lohan would have killed the artistry of the film and taken away from the true essence of Tennessee.

Go watch it. Or peep the trailer below!


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